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Advice from my Therapist

A few months ago, I had a pretty enlightening conversation with my therapist. Yes, I see a therapist. This is me stating it like a celebrity pregnancy announcement. A common theme she and I talk about is how I can continue to seek balance in my life. Balance was something I struggled with back when… Continue reading Advice from my Therapist

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Documentaries: Science or BS?

As a soon-to-be Registered Dietitian, I often have people ask me about certain diets or eating patterns that they have thought about trying. Many times the inspiration has come from social media, a friend or coworker, or a celebrity, because clearly if Gwyneth Paltrow juice cleanses, it must be good for you! Surprisingly, many times… Continue reading Documentaries: Science or BS?

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Showing Up for Yourself: Gym Edition

About a month ago, I decided to get back in the gym. After spending 10 months doing at-home workouts, I decided I wanted a new challenge. And to be quite honest, the Instagram trainers stopped posting free workouts. I’ve always been pretty familiar with the gym, but I would be lying if I said I… Continue reading Showing Up for Yourself: Gym Edition

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Flex(itarian) Zone

In diet culture, a lot of “facts” are presented in a very black-and-white fashion. Avocados are good for you, but white rice is bad for you. Keto will help you lose weight, no questions asked. Intermittent fasting will banish bloating forever.  The list goes on and on.  I’ve made it super clear to anyone who… Continue reading Flex(itarian) Zone