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Healing Our Relationship with Food

As a woman who grew up dancing, playing sports, and is now a member of a sorority, it’s safe to say that I have seen my fair share of body dysmorphia and unhealthy eating habits. In my 21 years on this earth, I’ve never met one person who I can say has a perfect relationship… Continue reading Healing Our Relationship with Food

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Fighting Fullness Guilt

The feeling of fullness after eating can instill a lot of different feelings for us. For some, it’s comfort. For some, it’s energy. For some, it’s satisfying. For me, it used to be guilt. I used to finish a meal and immediately start obsessing over how expanded my stomach felt, which led to me confusing… Continue reading Fighting Fullness Guilt


My Thoughts on Nike’s Plus-Size Mannequin

In early June, Nike released a new plus-size mannequin in one of its locations in Oxford, London. Many people weren’t shy to express their dismay of this “controversial” addition, out of fear that showing a plus-size mannequin would be a misstep in the fight against obesity. As a result, this sparked a lot of debate… Continue reading My Thoughts on Nike’s Plus-Size Mannequin