Bringing Intention Back

I would be lying if I said that I’ve been feeling super inspired to write lately. With an online graduation from college, the realization that most businesses in town won’t be hiring for the summer, and hoping that my classes for my Master’s degree will still be in-person, I’ve been feeling kind of… drained? Unoptimistic? Just not amazing.

Something that I struggle with when I’m feeling bad is eating without intention and ditching exercise all together. I normally enjoy moving my body and eating healthy, but for some reason these things seem like a task lately. 

To be honest, I’m mostly writing this to snap myself out of the funk I’ve been in, because one can only watch The Office and eat cosmic brownies for so long. After all, my sister is getting freakin’ MARRIED in less than two weeks, and this attitude simply isn’t going to cut it as the Maid of Honor. 

After about a week of moping around and being a weenie, I’ve decided that my pity party is over, and it’s time to bring intention back.

I want to be clear, I’m not forcing myself to eat a certain way or over-exercising. I gave myself time to feel my feelings, which is so important to do, but it was beginning to go on for too long. It’s time to observe my normal routine again and pick myself back up. I want to share what I’ve been doing you, in case that any of you have been feeling the same and are looking to incorporate some intention into your life as well.

Don’t worry, this is not me.

Vitamin D & Activity: 

Today was day one of me cutting the B.S., so I decided to begin my day how I usually love to, which is listening to a podcast and going for a walk. I’m not a huge step tracker like I used to be, but beginning my day with about 30 minutes of activity just helps me start out on the right foot. Being able to get a little bit of Vitamin D from the teeny bit of sun we got today was a huge mood booster. 


Honestly, I’m a brat if I don’t eat breakfast, and it’s been something I’ve been skimping on for a while now. Today I made myself eat my usual fried egg on toast with avocado and veggies instead of downing three cups of coffee like I really wanted to. Truly though, breakfast is so important. Not only does it begin the release of hunger and fullness hormones that your body relies on throughout the day, but giving your body fuel at the beginning of the day is great for energy levels, which is something I have been lacking lately.

How can I be in a bad mood when I’m eating a breakfast like this?

Sweating It Out: 

The biggest struggle for the day was the workout. Recently, I’ve been trying to exercise five times a week, because the endorphins are real, people. I can go into a workout as the Wicked Witch and leave as Mother Theresa, and yes I’m being dramatic with the second part. But really, after dragging my butt to the basement and doing a 45-minute barre class I felt like a different person after. Not only did I feel happier and less anxious, but I felt accomplished, which was good for my mood in itself. 


Day one of breaking out of my funk was all about intentionally doing things, knowing that the result would be worth it. Honestly, I didn’t want to do any of the things I did today, and I could have come up with a million excuses not to. But because I didn’t, I’m sitting here feeling happier and writing to you all instead of wallowing in self-pity in my bed. 

We’ll call that a win.  

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