Five Minute Breakfast

My sleep schedule is honestly comical at the moment. I stay up until 1:00 AM, set my morning alarm for 10, but of course I lay in bed scrolling through twitter until 5 minutes before my 11:00 AM Zoom lectures. All I can say is I definitely tune into those without video.

I accidentally took this the other morning and it really just explains everything.

I definitely recognize the privilege of this current schedule, being that I am home safe with my family attending an amazing university online, so I try not to complain too much. However, my wonky everyday routine has also thrown off my eating schedule. By the time I roll out of bed is it breakfast or lunch? Maybe brunch. Does this mean I get a mimosa? Maybe.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I’ll spare you that speech. One thing I definitely have noticed in my own life is that slacking on breakfast leads to my stomach becoming a bottomless pit later on; and I’m sure a few of you experience this as well.

So what am I getting at with this? Obviously I’m not going to tell you what time to wake up, but I do want to share some super filling, healthy, and delicious breakfast ideas that you can make no matter where you’re headed. 

Y’all I would give anything to have a frosé right now.

Omelet in a Mug 

Using a 12-16 oz mug, crack two eggs and mix with 1 tbsp of water or milk. Chop up your favorite omelet ingredients (think spinach, tomato, pepper, maybe ham or bacon bits?) and add a palm-full of cheese with a dash of salt and pepper. Microwave in 30 second increments, (depending on your microwave wattage) stirring in between. Important:add a quick spritz of cooking spray in your mug and spread with a paper towel for a stick-free mug! I would recommend pairing with a carb source like a piece of fruit, toast, or granola for a well-rounded breakfast.  

Nut Butter and Banana Sandwich 

It’s a classic, and I respect that. Spread 2 tablespoons of your favorite nut butter onto a piece of bread (whole grain is highest in fiber but any kind is just fine), chop up a banana into thin slices, and get a little crazy by adding a sprinkle of cinnamon, a sprinkle of granola, or a handful of chocolate chips! With a strong lineup of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, you’ll be feeling satisfied for hours. 

Egg, Avocado and Veggie Sandwich

You know I had to include some type of avocado toast. For this variation, all you need to do is spread half of an avocado on one or two pieces of toast, slice up some hard-boiled egg and place it on one half, while slicing up tomato and putting it on the other half. Add a handful of arugula or spinach on top, and voila! You have super filling and healthy breakfast in five minutes. 

This fried egg and avocado toast from the Hampton Social was a pivotal moment in my life.

Greek Yogurt Bark

This one requires a tiny bit of work the night before, but it requires no time the morning of! All you need to do is spread a layer of flavored Greek yogurt (about 1 cm thick) on a sheet pan, sprinkle on a generous amount of granola and chopped fruits (like strawberries and blueberries), and freeze overnight! In the morning you’ll have a super simple grab-and-go breakfast that’s high in protein and fiber. 

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Repeat after me: “Bagels are not bad for you”. They actually are a great canvas for a healthy breakfast or snack! Start by spreading a thin layer of veggie cream cheese over a wheat bagel. Then, place thinly sliced cucumber and red onion on top of your cream cheese. Lastly, top with a few slices of smoked salmon! For a rough estimate of how much to use, think about the amount that could comfortably be laid flat in the palm of your hand (don’t cheat this system, or you’ll end up with a sodium overload). 

My favorite thing about these breakfasts is that they can be customized for specific needs. Do you have an early lunch break or small appetite? Make the sandwiches open-faced! Are you dairy free? Opt for hummus on your salmon bagel instead! There are so many ways to customize based on YOUR needs. Stay on the lookout for more meal ideas coming soon, and keep up with all of my latest posts by giving me a follow! 


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