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Incorporating Health Into the Holidays

It’s my favorite time of the year, and if you’re reading this I’d bet there’s a good chance it’s yours too. As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my favorite things about the holidays is obvious-the food. On the opposite end of the spectrum, as someone who tries to live healthfully 80% of the time, the holidays always instill a sense of culture-shock within me, completely throwing me out of my veggie-filled, gym enthusiast routine. 

I love a good carb-loaded feast as much as the next person, but an entire week revolving around pie and Netflix-binging can leave me feeling like a zombie. Here are some ways I’m making an effort to incorporate some health into this year’s holidays! 

My view as I write this

Get up & moving 

One can only sit on the couch and watch mediocre Christmas movies for so long. However, one can stand up and watch mediocre Christmas movies for even longer. Getting up and doing squats, lunges, and jumping jacks while watching is so simple, but can make a huge health impact. On days I’m feeling crazy I might even whip out some hand weights and up the intensity of my mini workout.

Order smart 

The amount of times I go out to eat for lunch and dinner during the holidays is insane. While I can’t always control when my family goes out to eat, I can choose what I eat at the restaurant. Making small decisions like ordering a water instead of alcohol (or soda) with my meal, passing on an appetizer, and swapping a side of fries for fruit or a salad add up and still allow me to enjoy my meal without compromising any fun. 

Make a breakfast impact 

Before I start breaking into the pumpkin donuts my mom keeps stocked in our house, I try to get a head start by loading my breakfast with nutrients. Something as simple as a veggie omelet, Greek yogurt with fruit, or a smoothie with protein powder can start my day off on the right note. Bonus: taking a multivitamin with a meal and a glass of water can help fill in the gaps that occur when I’m munching on pumpkin donuts instead of an apple.

Stay hydrated

Not only can the changing weather suck the moisture out of my skin, but it’s the time of year when drinking a glass of wine at 3:00 PM is socially acceptable. While I’m all for popping the cork to celebrate what I’m thankful for, I’m making sure to keep a glass of water nearby. Tip: Setting a reminder on my phone to hydrate makes sure I’m not forgetting the most important thing that my body wants. 

Permission is key

It’s easy to develop a “now or never” mentality around holiday food. By giving myself permission to eat pecan pie and dinner rolls at every other time of the year, I don’t feel the need to gorge myself during Thanksgiving dinner. It’s amazing how comfortable I feel with stopping at fullness when I’ve given myself full permission to eat what I want at all times. After all, no food is bad food. 

It’s truly the best time of the year, and a big part of that is food. By keeping these tips in mind, I’m hoping to incorporate a little more health and balance into the holidays.

Give me all the pumpkin pie


1 thought on “Incorporating Health Into the Holidays”

  1. You are right. Ask your uncle who makes the best carb rolls ever. My question to you is, how safe is the Keto drink or pills diet? Love ya, Bc


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