Grocery List Glow-Up

When I was a Freshman in college, I had to start doing a lot of big-girl things that I was not prepared for. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that using public transportation after living in a town of 400 people was a little ~stressful~ at first. 

Another thing that was new to me that I didn’t even expect was grocery shopping. It’s not like I hadn’t ever been grocery shopping before, but somehow when I stepped foot inside the grocery store I felt…lost. What do I buy when I’m not trailing behind my mom as she speed-walks down the bread aisle?! Honestly, I kind of panicked and bought the most random things possible, as you can see from the evidence provided by my Walmart grocery app: 

Thankfully, since I’ve started learning more about nutrition and cooking, I’ve expanded my horizons pasts SpaghettiOs and hotdogs, and I’ve got some grocery staples down to a tee. The best part about it is that whether I’m ordering groceries online or going into the store, it barely takes any time at all. I wanted to share just a few of my grocery list staples today to hopefully help you upgrade your haul! 


Chickpeas are great because they can be eaten raw, or cooked by almost any method. They can be thrown on salads or in mixed veggie dishes to add more protein and fiber. Pro tip: Rinsing them off in a strainer before cooking rinses off some of the additional sodium!

Frozen veggies:

I love fresh produce as much as the next girl, but it’s not very cost-effective, especially if you’re cooking for one. Frozen veggies are actually packaged at the peak of their nutrient level, and you get a way larger quantity for the amount that you pay compared to fresh. Plus, they stay good for waaay longer. I love frozen bags of broccoli florets that can be steamed in the microwave right in the bag! Other great frozen veggie options that I love are frozen carrots and Brussel sprouts.  

Greek Yogurt: 

Greek yogurt is amazing to throw in to smoothies, or eat on its own as a snack or a meal. I buy Oiko’s Triple Zero Vanilla Greek Yogurt religiously, because I love that it has zero grams of added sugar and it’s way higher in protein that regular yogurt. 

Breakfast Bars: 

I used to be a HUGE granola bar girl, and I still am. I’ve just upped my game a little bit. I love KIND’s breakfast bars, because they’re high in fiber and protein, and low in sodium. They make a great snack in between meals, and they’re gluten free for those of you who need it!  

Frozen Fruit: 

You know how as summer starts to die down and the weather gets cooler, the fresh fruit in the grocery store starts to look a little…meh? That’s why I started buying Outshine Fruit Bars with no sugar added. Each bar contains 20-25% of your Daily Value of Vitamin C needs, and they’re made with real fruit juice. Since fruit juice alone doesn’t contain much fiber, I like to buy frozen mango and eat it out of the bag as a snack. The great thing I’ve found about frozen mango is that it maintains a great texture as it starts to defrost. I love you, mango. 

My grocery list glow-up has served me well, and I hope that what I’ve shared today will serve you too. Have a bomb weekend, friends. 

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