My Purpose

Before I get on my soapbox about all things nutrition and body image, I feel like it’s important to share why I chose to start a blog in the first place. I know that my blog is just one of many on the internet, but I feel like I have something important to say. Something worth listening to and reading. Unlike a lot of wellness blogs, I’m not here to tell you to drink green juice, or sniff an essential oil that will solve all of your problems. I’m here to tell you to eat cupcakes and do things that make you happy. I’m also here to help you become more comfortable in your own skin. It’s a harsh world of comparison we live in, and I have fallen victim to perfectionism so many times (Thanks, Instagram). 

On the opposite end, many of my posts will contain science-based nutrition information, because I feel like we need more truth in this world when it comes to nutrition advice, you know? We need the facts, not some fitness model with a six pack saying to avoid carbs and certainly not a Kardashian selling us appetite-suppressants. My biggest wish for this blog is that the facts I provide and the insight I share can work together to help you develop a little more balance in your life. 

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